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Check out my new theme!^^

Hey, hey, hey..!

I’ve changed my theme with ‘motion’. How it looks? I think it’s really awesome! I like it very much when I saw it for the first time.

Its mixed color of green and black make the visualization so stunning and amazing. I also like the fonts, which is my favorite font. And.. I admitted, I love the whole side and aspect of this theme. It’s such a masterpiece (so hyperbolic, hehehe).. That’s why I decided to change my lovely red theme to this ‘motion’ theme.

Enjoy the new look of my blog!^^



A woman who loves everything about Korean culture, try her best to be a good mother & devoted wife.

6 thoughts on “Check out my new theme!^^

      1. Halo Jaka, thanks udah berkunjung.
        Saya udah lihat tampilan blog kamu. Wah, ternyata theme kita sama ya?? hehehe. Sebenernya tinggal dipercantik aja kok dengan ngutak-atik ‘widget’nya. Kamu bisa pilih widget mana aja yang mau ditampilin, trus tinggal pilih lokasinya : mau di sidebar, footer, ato header. Selamat mencoba!

  1. High-tech feelnya terasa banget. Trus, page dan category-nya bs dijadiin menu bar. Kl ga salah, emang lo nyari yang seperti ini kan? Wah, mang jodoh ga ke mana ^^

    1. Yep..yep..Ini theme ideal gw.. Sebelum ini gw udah pernah ganti, cuma tampilan menu bar-nya ga bagus, ditambah font-nya ga banget, hehehe. Jadinya ya gw ganti tema lama. Klo yang sekarang T O P B G T dah! keren bet bet..^^

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