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Recommended J Dorama : LIAR GAME


Ini dia J Dorama favorit saya yang lain. Reviewnya sudah dibuatkan oleh teman saya yang memang pecinta dorama : dhitz, jadi saya tinggal copas saja,,huehuehue.. Silakan berkunjung ke blognya disini untuk review dorama-dorama lain ^^

Check this out! (copas from dhitz, thanks a lot dear ^^)

What will you do if you have the chance of winning big prizes in a competition of deceiving and cheating? Will you have the guts to win the games? Will you have the heart to let the other in despair? Seolah dunia masih kekurangan kejadian-kejadian merugikan, maka sambutlah sebuah permainan “gila” yang berjudul Liar Game ini. Dikenalkan oleh Shinobu Kaitani pertama kali dalam bentuk manga, Liar Game bisa menjadi pilihan bagi para pecinta cerita-cerita bersifat misteri yang sarat unsur psikologi.

Dorama Title – Liar Game
Casts – Shota Matsuda, Erika Toda, etc
Total Episodes – 11 (10 episodes + 1 three-hour special)
Original Media – Liar Game (manga) by Shinobu Kaitani


Kanzaki Nao (Erika Toda) is a college student with good heart and honest attitude, IF you don’t want to judge her as “dumb”. Her pure curiousity lead her to open a box that contained 100 million yen and a video that told her about a game that she automatically joined because she has opened the box. By her misjudgement, she is tricked by her ex-teacher who is actually her opponent in the first round. She looses her money, faces the possibility of being a loser and haves 100 million yen-debts in advance!!! She then asks a swindler, Akiyama Shin’ichi (Matsuda Shota), to help her win back the money. And so, the journey of two of them begins…

Personal Notes

Ada beragam pendapat para penyuka dorama akan Liar Game live-action. Ada yang bilang jelek. Dan ada yang sangat menyukainya. Terlepas dari keanehan situasi yang -sumpah- bikin stress abiiisss, saya sangat suka dorama ini ^^. Ceritanya sangat unik. Dan pesannya sangat kena: “Jangan mudah percaya orang lain!!!” Yeah!!!

Tapi, apakah dengan tidak mempercayai orang lain, dunia akan lebih menyenangkan? Kanzaki Nao, yang banyak orang bilang menyebalkan lantaran bodoh sekali ini (tertipu lagi dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi, wakakaka), ternyata menyimpan sebuah pemikiran yang luar biasa tulus dalam menghadapi semuanya. Yup, dunia masih mempunyai kebaikan ^^.

Saya sih belum pernah baca manganya (sampai hari tulisan ini diupload). Tapi, ketika saya browsing gambarnya, hm, karakternya banyak yang berbeda ya? Mungkinkah ini yang membuat para fans berat manganya kecewa (hingga ada beberapa review yang negatif)? Dunno. Saya sih memang sudah biasa menjadi penikmat live-action tanpa mengenal manganya (biasanya baca manganya belakangan).

Personal Favorite

Call me biased, but I like Akiyama ^^. Shota Matsuda is really damn cool here. Well, maybe it is because he pictures Akiyama very well: a genius with lot of tricks and full of confidence. Because of it, many people often compare him with L. I don’t know why.

Is it because how he stirs his drink like this picture?

Or because he wears this white shirt?

I still found them different though. For me, Shota’s Akiyama is more attractive than Matsuken’s L in terms of getting the enemy offguard. Shota’s smile is a lot more “evil” ^^. Tapi kalo liat manganya, karakter Akiyama-nya beda banget sama Matsuda Shota yaaa??? (Bias.. Bias… Bias… Lalala…).

Along with the character, my most favorite scene is at Episode 4 when he challenged other player in the final stage of round 2. He stated, “Money is the most important thing in the world.” And with confidence he made his vote, “NO!” and managed to turn everyone in despair. Waaa, I nearly screamed. LOL ^^. Gyaa, gyaa…

As my other favorite episode, I choose episode 8. I have this bad habit -always take a peek at random episodes, to find something interesting that will invite my good mood to watch it all from the beginning. And, just like that, episode 8 manage to caught my interest. Thus, it shows Nao’s best ever decision that she makes. Many dorama’s lover may hate her characterization. But, at this episode, I give my thumbs -four thumbs- for her.

Personal Score

Idea and Story Development: 4*
I should give 5*. The reason I minus the point is because sometimes, the trick explanation tooks so much time. For few viewers, it may bores them. But, if you are patient, give a time to enjoy it. The explanation is wrapped up in quite attractive way. Sometimes in cartoon, sometimes in a nearly parody.

Characters and Casts: 4*
What? Maybe you think I score too much. But, I think, all characters are interesting, even the most annoying Fukunaga (ffiuh). They manage to make me laugh and shout “That’s crazy!! That can’t be! Not again!” every time a stressful situation comes up. So, I think they are quite good in acting. As for many annoying laugh or “What’s with Yokoya’s hair?” thingy, I think they are giving the feel to audience that, yes, this is from manga, so it is okay if we have some weird stuff. Maybe it is just my opinion, since I haven’t read the original manga, yet.

Music and Sound: 4*
I love the soundtrack. It is consists of electronica/dance music. The main theme “Liar Game” is my most favorite. But most of the sound really pump the spirit.

Technique (Camera Style, Set Decoration, etc): 3,5*
Quite nice for a dorama. As for cinematography, many scenes is took at stylish angle. But, sometimes, there are numerous full face shots, which reminds me at the sinetron’s style. It is definitely annoying, especially when it comes to Fukunaga’s laugh (creepy T.T). The dorama lacks of setting variation. Of course, it is forgivable, since all the players aren’t allowed to go anywhere while playing the game. But, for each location is nicely arranged for giving the thrill.

Opening and Ending: 3,5*
I like the first episode. The ending is not merely a cliffhanger, but a temporary resolution (yes, the series continues…). What may be a problem for you (and many viewers, as I read in many sites and forums), the last episode consists 2/3 recaps, so you may get bored. My advice for this, watch the first 10 episodes. Leave the series for a month or so, then watch the 11th. ^^

Overall Score: 3,8*

1,0 – 1,9 = Don’t even try to see it, ever!!!
2,0 – 2,9 = You may see it, on your own risk though.
3,0 – 3,9 = Entertaining to watch. Try to see it.
4,0 – 4,9 = Must See!!!
5,0         = Absolutely Superb!!!

More Infos

Liar Game at
Liar Game (manga) at
Liar Game (dorama) at
Liar Game (dorama) at
Liar Game Fansite


All pictures are captured from Liar Game TV Series. FYI, I didn’t, don’t and will never own the copyright of Liar Game. ^^

original writing : Liar Game by dhitz @ her blog



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2 thoughts on “Recommended J Dorama : LIAR GAME

  1. Suaranya Akiyama tu…. Haduh, mang kewreen, jiah, jiah, jiah! Ga nyangka si playboy Sojiro di HYD ini jago juga jd penipu. Yah playboy=penipu si…. Wkwkwk.

    1. hahahaha…gw baru ngeh klo dia yang main di HYD dan termasuk F4 juga,,howhowhow..
      Dhiitzz..yang BOSS juga bagus lohh…! kereeeeennnnnn..!! kaya’nya bakal ada season 2 nya tu dorama. can’t hardly wait..!!

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