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Blogger Award

Hohoho… I’ve just got an award from one of my best friend, dhitz. You can read the complete post HERE.  It’s called ‘The Versatile Blogger’.  Thank you so much dear 😀 . Wanna know more about this award?

Here’s the rules :

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass the award along to 15 who you have recently discovered and who you think fantastic for whatever reasons! (in no particular Order)
  4. Contact the picked and let them know about the award.

okay, point 1 is done and it’s time to share 7 things about me :

  1. I’m a Korean lover (for sure) 😀 . Not that freak but I just love to listen Korean songs, watch Korean dramas and movies, and the important thing of being Korean lover is : study Korean language..! 😀
  2. I love chocolate bars and drinks. Chocs became my best friend when I’m down and moody.
  3. I like to eat noodles, any kind of it. Basically I like to eat, but I choose noodles. No particular reason but I like to use chopstick when I eat it. Why? To improve my skill using chopstick of course 😀
  4. One dream has just fulfilled, marrying a man of my dream and now still struggling for another one : study Korea 😀
  5. I like to write things, but laziness some time steal my ideas and inspiration 😀 . I will do a writing under the pressure situation. That’s the truth 😛
  6. Detective stories is one of my favorite book. I like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five ( Lima Sekawan), Pasukan Mau Tahu (I don’t know their name in Indonesian), Alfred Hitchcock and Three Investigators, Stefan Wolf’s TKKG (or STOP in Indonesian), and many others 😀
  7. There’s no place for capitalism and let khilafah lead the world..!

And the award goes to : indigur of this tiny corner , o sholihin , cb gama of hayu islam, okitya of  superfriend, and…letty of lettilicious. Umm,, let me add more : Anggi Karimuddin of the karimuddin and Tya of ourwedjournal..!

Thank you for all of you..!! 🙂



A woman who loves everything about Korean culture, try her best to be a good mother & devoted wife.

5 thoughts on “Blogger Award

  1. sama dong kita, gue juga seneng kalo pake sumpit, walo sampe sekarang belum gape tu menjepitnya. Ato gimana cara ngabisin nasi di mangkok pake sumpit..hihihi… yang penting usaha!!!

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