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Sshht…It’s A Secret…!

What?? A secret??

Hahahaha…no no no..! It’s not a secret at all, honestly. This is Secret Garden, one of my favorite Korean drama. Yes yes yes..!! I’m crazy about this drama and of course…its OST..!! I can’t stop playing its songs on my playlist. I’ll tell you later about the drama, because now I want to sharing my playlist this week :

Most played : OST Secret Garden

credit pic :


1. 그여자 –백지영*

2. Here I am –4MEN*

3. 바라본다 –윤상현

4. 나타나 김범수*

5. 못해 –  美

6. 그남자 – 백지영*

7. 이유 – 신용재

8. 상처만 –  BOIS *

9. Here I Am (Piano.Ver) – 美

10. 너는 나의 봄이다 – 성시경 *

11. You Are My Everything – Jeong Ha Yun

12. 그남자 –  현빈 *

13. Liar – Oscar *

14. 눈물자리 – Oscar

note :

* my favorite track

you can see the whole OST Secret Garden here and here

but…not just that..! These tracks also on my playlist :

  • GD & TOP – High High
  • Seungri – 어쩌라고
  • Mighty Mouth Ft. Soya – 톡톡
  • Secret – Shy Boy
  • Park Jung Min – Not Alone

Yup..! That’s all my playlist this week..! Enjoy ^^



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