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Long Time No See.. : Weekly Kpop May Week 4 is Up ! ^^


Osashiburi ne,, 오래간만이다.

Let’s start with Soompi’s Weekly K-Pop Chart : May Week 5

1. (–) 2PM – Without U*** 2 WEEKS NO. 1 ***
Score: 934
Genre: Pop / Dance

Music + Lyrics: Park Jin Young
Album: 2PM single Vol. 3 “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” Track 2
Comment: 2PM holds on to No. 1 for the second straight week with “Without U”. Now officially a 6-member group, 2PM is back with their 3rd single album titled “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop”. Once again, Park Jin Young produced their latest single that shows the more deeper and mature musical side. The title track, “Without U” is about how a man is hurt by a woman’s lies and betrayal. To express the emotion of hurt in a break up, a piano melody is repeated in the song. You will be able to see how the members have changed into a more mature, modern and chic without forgetting to show their ‘2PM style’ in music.

2. (–) Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Score: 851
Genre: Pop / Dance

Album: Lee Hyori Vol. 4 Track 3
Comment: Title song of Lee Hyo-ri’s 4th album “H-Logic.” Based on the powerful sound of Southern hip hop, the song signals the brilliant comeback of K-Pop queen Lee Hyo-ri. The powerful accompaniment sounds as if the music is being played live. Lee Hyo-ri participated in writing the lyrics. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

3. (+2) Hot Potato – 고백 (Confession)
Score: 820
Genre: Rock Ballad

Album: Hot Potato “Seesaw OST” Track 3
Comment: Hot Patato continues their amazing run on the chart and moves up two more spots to No. 3 with “Confession”, becoming the group’s biggest hit. Hot Potato’s Kim C, who was very surprised at how well this song is doing in the music charts. Their latest album “Seesaw” contains songs with both sweet love and sad endings. Continue reading “Long Time No See.. : Weekly Kpop May Week 4 is Up ! ^^”

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Weekly K-Pop Chart : May Week 2

It’s sunny and bright morning! Let’s start with soompi‘s K-pop chart this week. Surprisingly, Lee Hyori move on top with ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. Here’s all the chart :

1. (+1) Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang *** 1 WEEK NO. 1 ***
Score: 953
Genre: Pop / Dance

Album: Lee Hyori Vol. 4 Track 3
Comment: Lee Hyori moves up to No. 1 this week with “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. The queen of k-pop, Lee Hyori has returned this year with her fourth studio album, “H-Logic”. Known for setting trends as well as being a pop icon, Hyori has returned after two years with a “well-made” album consisting of 14 new tracks. H-Logic is supposed to consist of “real sound” as it was produced by composer Ryan Jhun of Marcan Entertainment, known for working in New York, and Bahnus who has made his name known in Europe as well as the United States. The two have worked in composition as well as making their own sounds with instruments. The title track “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” is written by none other than the singer herself, as Hyori reveals her songwriting talent for the first time.

2. (-1) Rain – 널 붙잡을 노래 (Love Song)
Score: 918
Genre: Pop Ballad

Album: Rain special album “Back To The Basic” Track 1
Comment: Title song of Rain’s 6th album, “Back To The Basic.”
A beautiful song with piano accompaniment with music and lyrics written by Rain himself. The sad ballad has touching lyrics about a man who is trying to convince his lover not to leave. Actress Han Ye-seul has perfect chemistry with Rain in the music video. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

3. (–) Secret – Magic
Score: 795
Genre: Pop / Dance

Album: Secret 1st mini-album “Secret Time” Track 2
Comment: Secret’s “Magic” remained at No. 3 this week. Perhaps overlooked last year with so many strong girl groups debuting, Secret (consists of Jeon Hyo Seong, Han Seon Hwa, Song Ji Eun, and Jing Geo) still impressed many fans with their debut song “I Want You Back”. Since then member Song Ji Eun has released a solo digital single duet with Hwan Hee, and also performed with Untouchable on their recent hit “Living In The Heart”. Now Secret releases their first mini album, “Secret Time”. The title track is “Magic” which has lively beats and was composed by Sinsadong Tiger, Kang Ji Won, and Kim Ki Bum. This will definitely be their breakthrough hit and puts Secret on the map with already an amazing core of girl groups. Continue reading “Weekly K-Pop Chart : May Week 2”

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K-Pop Weekly Chart April Week 3 (cont’d)

Here’s the rest of this week K-Pop music chart : (credit soompi)

21. (–)Gil Hak Mi- Super Soul : 268
22. (-3) Supreme Team-Step Up : 243
23. (New) Younha – 말도 안돼 (Doesn’t Make Sense: MBC Drama “Personal Taste” OST)>:235
24 . (+8) Boo Hwal – 사랑이란건 ( Love Is) :234
25 . (+14) ZE:A – 하루종일 ( All Day Long) :203 *** BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK ***
26. (New) Kim Tae Woo – 빗물이 내려서 ( Rainwater Falling: MBC Drama “Personal Taste” OST): 198
27. (New) Ye Sung (Super Junior) – 너 아니면 안돼 ( Can’t Be But You: KBS Drama “Cinderella’s Sister” OST): 197

28 .(-5) 2NE1-날 따라 해봐요 (Try to Follow Me):163
29. (-7) M to M – 괜히 내가 (I Needlessly):156

30. (-6) Wax (feat. Jo Kwon) – 이별이야기 (Breakup Tale) : 154
31 . (New) Kim Jang Hoon, Psy – 울려줘 다시 한 번(Make Me Cry Just Once More): 153

32. (-7) Defconn (feat. Goo Ji Sung) – 래퍼들이 헤어지는 방법(Way Rappers Breakup : 152

33. (New) Brave Brothers (feat. V.O.S) – 슬픈 음악 (Sad Music) : 139

34. (-8) Lee Seung Ki (feat. Baek Chan) – 사랑이 술을 가르쳐(Love Teaches You How to Drink) : 112

35. (New) Suh Young Eun – 바보사랑(Fool Love ) :95

36 . (New) Min Kyung Hoon – It’s Alright : 88
37. (-2) Gumbi -콩닥콩닥( Heart Pounding) : 74
38. (New) Sung Eun (feat. Namolla Famiy Kim Jae Woo) – 너 하나만 (You Only) : 73
39. (-2) 8Eight – 유효기간 ( Availability Period) : 64
40. (+2) Tae Sa Bi Ae – 사랑은 변하지 앖아 사람이 변하는 거야 ( Love Doesn’t Change, It’s People that Change) : 57
41. (New) Tae Jin Ah (feat. Maya) – 사랑은 돈보다 좋다 (Love Is Better Than Money) :54
42. (-4) F.Cuz – No One : 51

43. (-7) Noblesse (feat. Cha Soo Kyung) – 눈물도 안나 (Even Tears Won’t Come Out ): 50

44. (-3) JJ – 점점 더 (More And More ) : 49

45 . (New) Evan – 너 울리게 (Make You Cry) : 47

46. (+1) EZ Hyoung – 봄의 기적 (The Miracle Of Spring) : 45
47. (-3) Lee Tzsche – Something In The Air : 40
48. (New) Yoo Seung Chan – Chemistry : 36

49. (-3) L Class – 가지 말라고 (Don’t Go) : 35

50. (-5) Lucid Fall – 고등어(Mackerel) : 30

Blue: Songs to watch out under top 20
Green: Editor’s recommendations under top 20