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About my theme..

Hmm..klo liat dashboard, kaya’nya postingan ‘check out my new theme’ sering dilihat. Wajar aja si, emang theme motion ini baguus banget. My ideal theme lah.. 😀

Buat yang penasaran ma info theme motion ini, bisa dilihat di sini. Dibahas lengkap deh perintilan tentang theme ini. Tapi yah, risikonya, klo  theme bagus tu bakal banyak yang pake. But it’s okay! Yang penting kan isinya beda, ya ga?? Trus lagi kalo kita bisa sedikit utak atik biar tampil beda ma blog orang, toh jadi kepuasan tersendiri. Hehehe.

Hari ini males ngeblog (lagii..) apa gara-gara keasyikan chatting?? 😛

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Check out my new theme!^^

Hey, hey, hey..!

I’ve changed my theme with ‘motion’. How it looks? I think it’s really awesome! I like it very much when I saw it for the first time.

Its mixed color of green and black make the visualization so stunning and amazing. I also like the fonts, which is my favorite font. And.. I admitted, I love the whole side and aspect of this theme. It’s such a masterpiece (so hyperbolic, hehehe).. That’s why I decided to change my lovely red theme to this ‘motion’ theme.

Enjoy the new look of my blog!^^